I am living through exciting times this month.

It is a new year.

Most exciting of all, we have a new baby in our home!!

It is also an exciting time for this blog. 

I am making a move. A move to my own space, rather than this one that is owned by Blogger. This has been a good place for me to begin, but I am ready to move on. 

Will you join me?

madesacred.com is my new address.

I have the good fortune to be married to a man with good friends. Good and talented friends!

A good friend of my husband, Porter, has designed a new logo and a new space for me.

Will you come and take a peek?

If you like receiving my essays, will you make sure that you are receiving the ones from my new home: madesacred.com? I should have been able to move all of you that already subscribe over, but if you didn't get a post from my new space today, then you will need to subscribe again.  Will you?

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