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Welcome to Made Sacred! 

Join me as I try to thoughtfully engage life and culture, this world around us, as a way of loving God and loving others. After all, God has made everything to be sacred, things in our daily lives and things in the world around us. He is changing my heart so that all that I do and all that I am is made sacred

Part of the reason I write is to sort through all that God is teaching our family through the loss of my sister-in-law, Kristina. In August of 2011, my brother lost his wife, the mother of his now-two-year-old son, to breast cancer. When I watch my brother with his son, my heart aches. When my brother puts hours of effort into giving his son the perfect birthday party, I want to weep with sadness and loss. I don't solely write about this loss, about what God has taught our family through my sister-in-law's battle with cancer and my brother's battle with his loss, but part of why I write is to allow God to use me to make something beautiful out of this ugliness. Because He WILL make something beautiful out of this. He is always good and He is always love and He Who did not spare His own Son has promised to give us all good things. I simply have to trust that His good is the ultimate good, even if what He gives is not what my heart desires. 

I am a wife and stay-at-home mommy to two beautiful girls, with Baby #3 on the way; I am a musician and a writer. I have been writing for much of my life, but only recently have begun sharing this art with others. I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit. If you like, enter your email address below to have Made Sacred delivered to you once a week. 
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  1. Your story is beautiful. It's awesome that you honor your sister-in-law's memory this way.

    1. Thank you for that. I'm glad you're here.